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22nd June – Activities

June 24, 2019

We had a lot going on the Saturday just gone so this is just an update to keep you all posted:

  1. Clougha Pike – as organised by our own Chris Reade and requiring GandOs to pull together to make it a success. This is not a light undertaking as along with the senior race there are a multitude of junior races also taking place. And Saturday had the biggest turnout ever with 165 taking part in the senior race and the Juniors happened to be an Inter Counties event as well. Young runners came from as far afield as Scotland in the north and Wales to the south to take part. Chris was blessed with a fine day and it all seemed to go off very well. I met Chris today, Monday, and he says he still has a number of hours tidy up to finish off. Well done to you and your helpers Chris; doing the club proud.
  2. Ellis Bland BG Attempt – hi Ellis, I believe you got round under 18 hours. Tremendous stuff. That is a heck of an accomplishment. I’m looking forward to a write up if you’ve a mind to do one. Congratulations.
  3. Matt Bourne Cumbrian Traverse. Broughton too Keswick. I was lucky enough to be out on the fells supporting Matt on his undertaking. The day was memorable. The Lake District is incomparable in this weather. Well done to you Matt; fantastic achievement. A summary of the day will follow later in the week says Matt.
  4. Buttermere Horseshoe. A number of club members took part in this; Aaron and Leigh being two that I know of. Part of the route comes down through Honister Pass where a spaghetti junction of runners swirled in their various endeavours.

The Lakes were buzzing; the Dark Peak BG Train took place at the same time and we saw another two other runners on their way round (aiming for a 17 hour time) and Matt had a few minutes to savour his sweet feeling of accomplishment before having to vacate the steps of Moot Hall as a Keswick twenty two hour BG attempt came bounding in. Supporters of the various attempts were sprawled all over the pavement soaking up the atmosphere and the late heat of the day. Keswick was a wonderful place to be and a pint in the re-badged The Round pub went down very well. I sat talking to Carl Bell there who came 11th in the World Mountain Running Champs in Portugal; rueing his injured foot which cost him places. Hot topic amongst us all was the superhuman achievement of Irishman Paul Tierney setting a record for all the Wainwrights in a little over six days. It says a lot that one of his helpers during the challenge was Steve Birkenshaw, who set the record last year; Egos R Not Us. Top man Steve.

I’m sure other things went on but I it’s all I can think of right now. If anyone has anything they want to add then let me know and I’ll do the honours.



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