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2011 Championship Results



With the CARWAGS results being added as the last race, the 2011 Championship is now complete. The full breakdown can be seen on the club champs page of the website.

In the “best of 4” MV60 category, Ian Cookson narrowly pipped John Taylor whilst the rest of the men’s categories saw Lancaster based winners with Mike Johnson (MV50), Chris Reade (MV40) and Richard Mellon (Open).

Rowena Browne continued her domination of the Ladies category with her 5th consecutive win.

The stats are interesting. It was good to see a record number of 59 Bowlanders competing in the champs this year and the Carwags event proved the most popular. Only 8  runners though completed the minimum number of races for their categories (down from 16 in 2006) – is racing in the club on the decline??



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  1. andywham permalink
    January 23, 2012 2:17 pm

    Interesting comment regarding racing in the club being in decline. This was discussed recently in an after run pub natter. The continued growth and popularity of the bat league prompted the suggestion that the bat league results might be incorporated into the club championships (perhaps for 2013). Surprising as it may seem (with me being a leading light (!) of the bat league) I was not really in favour of this. Perhaps my reasons would stand a bit of examination:

    I am of course very pleased with the success of the bat league and it has been extremely successful both in fostering the social side of the club (which is now truly brilliant) and in bringing in new members. If we looked at all the new members who have joined us in (say) the last three years, I bet the majority of them came via the bat league. Many of these are fast and competitive runners (or have the talent/potential to be) – look at Marc L, Graham L etc…

    The Carwags Tuesdays have developed into something both social AND competitive, with lots of runners striving to improve their times and overtake their rivals on the leagues, and the ‘feral’ Thursdays ensure that the mountain/adventure side of the club is maintained through winter.

    All this is good for both the social lifeblood of the club and for bringing in new talent, yet I do agree that there is a definite decline in our competitiveness in the racing arena – especially in relays and championships. Interestingly, the winners of most of the club champs categories (and thus obviously the clubs most competitive runners) are, as the report puts it, “Lancaster based” and not really prominent in the bat league or the social scene that surrounds both it and the similar Summer runs at Fell Foot, though the importance of Mike J’s recent victory in the V50 national championships shouldn’t be underestimated.

    You may have noticed that last year’s ‘FABs’ were mostly linked to races and this was an attempt by me to A) encourage more of us to go to races, race and socialise and B) to increase the chances of the FABs being well-attended as they sometimes haven’t been in the past. I don’t know if there have been any moves towards choosing this year’s club champs races but it would be good if many of them could also be FABs. We would also be more competitive in the national championships if we included champs races in our club championship, though I realise there are good reasons why that tends to be avoided.

    On the relay front, we shouldn’t underestimate the influence Clive D had on pulling together our teams for many years. He certainly did a good job of badgering the hell out of me when I was a potential team member 😉 … It’s no coincidence that, as Clive has stepped back our relay teams have declined, despite some good work by others (though the Pennine Bridleway teams this year look promising thanks to Chris and Declan).

    Using the Carwags Figure of 8 time-trial as a championship round seems to have worked well so I think we should do something similar again for this year and maybe future years. I think it’s essential that the club championship should remain as competitive as possible, and it has to be performance-based as that’s the nature of it. The success of the Dark Realm challenges has shown that people are up for a Winter challenge so perhaps the 2012/2013 bat league could include a special time trial challenge over a course yet to be devised, which could run from clocks back until Dec 20th (ish). This could be designated the ‘Bat Champs’, with big fat bat points AND club championship positions at stake.

    Whilst discussing the club’s racing performances, I should point out the tremendous upsurge in the prominence of Bowland’s women, with the likes of Jo Taylor, Sarah Massey, Jenn Hutton, Emma Gregory and Rowena Browne all turning in regular performances in the top few women’s positions and even picking up women’s team prizes, which is definitely a new thing in Bowland.

    We have all the ingredients we need to have a club which is both a social jamboree and a competitive power but it may be we need to think about welding the two elements together more effectively.


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