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The Stan Bradshaw Loop



Route Description

Start at the Cattle grid (GR.773383) and follow good stony track ENE to iron kissing gate (CP1) “Gate near Calf Hill” Continue past Calf Hill over a stone stile to an iron gate on the left at the far end of Churn Clough Reservoir. Pass through the gate and commence climb as if heading for Spence Moor but at first path junction turn R and follow a path above woods. Follow this path as it contours round above the intake walls, passing Ratten Clough Farm, to enter  the valley of Wood House Brook (Stainscombe) follow the path down to a gap between two walls and reach CP2 “Wood House Brook wall/stream” Climb out up open slope with a fence on your L, crossing a broken wall to reach a gate in the fence. Go L through the gate and continue, now with fence on your R to a gate in a wall with waymark arrows. Continue ahead, following path down across wet slopes to eventually drop steeply down to CP 3 “Dam – Upper Ogden Reservoir. At the end of the dam, turn R down gravelly track to a gate then turn immediately L through another gate. Now follow wall (on your R) uphill to CP4 “Fell Gate at Buttock” – actually a collection of gates. Go left through next gate and pick up main track towards Pendle Big End trig. At the crest of the hill, go straight past the trig point (not a CP) to CP5 “Gate beyond trig point” (the iron gate used as changeover in the Bowland Up/Down Relay. Cross the gate (or adjacent ladder stile) and turn half left on grassy path heading W along the top of the fell. Cross a ladder stile in the next wall and continue past ‘Bus Shelter’ to reach CP6 “Scout Cairn”. Continue on main path, curving L to cross head of Mearley Clough and becoming very boggy. Look out for a (now fairly distinct) trod veering L away from the main path and follow this as it heads  straight across broken wall and meanders towards Ashendean Clough. Trod continues down to main Nick of Pendle path near Black hill/Badger Wells Hill. Pass close to Badger Wells and take any route you like (there’s a choice of paths) to finish at cattle grid on Sabden road.

NB: All fences/walls must be crossed via gates or stiles – no fence/wall climbing allowed.

Checkpoint Grid Refs:

Start: Cattle grid on Sabden road (GR.773383)

1.Gate near Calf Hill GR779386
2.Wood House Brook-wall/stream GR797385
3.Dam-Upper Ogden Resr. GR807396
4.Fell Gate at Buttock GR807401
5.Gate beyond trig point GR805418
6.Scout Cairn GR789413

Finish: Cattle grid on Sabden road (GR.773383)

(Can be done in either direction)


Rules of Engagement.

Times can be set  anytime but in Summer the Pendle Tuesday runs are preferred, both for safety and social reasons.

Times must be reported to the keeper of leagues (AW) within one day.

You must start from the gate next to the cattle grid.

You must visit all the Checkpoints in order

At the finish you must touch the gate by the cattle grid.


Time categories:

See the Speed League


NB: These individual timed challenges are attempted at the challenger’s own risk. It is recommended that you are sufficiently experienced & equipped  and that you tell someone you are out there!

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