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Fell Foot Time Trial



Route Description

Start from gate at Fell Foot cottage (GR.598445), ascend to Blindhurst Saddle (kissing gate) then continue on E side of wall on path to stile on L just before 1707ft top of Fairsnape Fell (CP1). Cross Stile and descend rough fell to ‘Wooly Wall Corner’ (CP2) – NB new fence on descent. Climb with care. Ascend as per Fiendsdale course to trig at Paddy’s Pole (CP3). Continue along main path to 2nd gate –’Blindhurst Fell gate’ (CP4), pass through gate and descend rough fell to wall corner – ‘Claggy’s Corner’ (CP5). Ascend to summit of Parlick (CP6),  pass through kissing gate and descend to finish at gate by Fell Foot cottage.


Checkpoint Grid Refs:

CP1 Stile S of Fairsnape Summit (1707ft top) – GR.597472

CP2 (‘Wooly Wall Corner’) – GR.587476

CP3 (Paddys Pole trig-point) – GR.591468

CP4 (Blindhurst Fell kissing gate) – GR.597457

CP5 (‘Claggy’s Corner’) – GR.592452

CP (Parlick Summit) – GR.595450


Rules of Engagement.

Times can be set  anytime but in Summer the Fell Foot Wednesday runs are preferred, both for safety and social reasons.

Times must be reported to the keeper of leagues (AW) within one day.

You must start from the gate next to Fell Foot Cottage.

You must pass through the gate at Blindhurst Saddle then;

At CP1 you must cross the stile.

At CP2 you must touch the wall marker (wool!).

At CP3 you must touch the trig-point

At CP4 you must pass through the kissing gate.

At CP5 you must touch the wall corner.

At CP6 you must pass through the kissing gate SW of the cairn.

At the finish you must touch the gate by Fell Foot Cottage.


Time categories:


See the Speed Leagues


NB: These individual timed challenges are attempted at the challenger’s own risk. It is recommended that you are sufficiently experienced & equipped  and that you tell someone you are out there!


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