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The Saddle Circle

THE SADDLE CIRCLE (5.5m/1100ft)


Route Description

Start from gate at Fell Foot cottage (GR.598445), ascend to Blindhurst Saddle (kissing gate) then continue on E side of wall. Follow path as it heads directly for 1707ft top of Fairsnape Fell to reach an obvious “crossroads” of paths just before the summit (CP1). Turn right and follow distinct path (“The Highway in the Sky”) to stile in fence at Saddle Fell (CP2). Cross the stile and continue down to intake wall near Ward’s End (path can be short-cutted on this section), pass through gate then follow main path/track down to Saddle End Farm. CP3 is the gate at the southern end of the farm yard. Just after CP3 turn sharp right off the farm road to climb a stile and climb up through a small plantation, heading WSW. Continue on sketchy paths to cross the valley of Chipping Brook (muddy!) and pass to the SE of Wolfen Hall, continuing up to a stile SW of the farm on the farm access road. Cross the road and head diagonally up the facing field (PFP) to the ruins of Wildcock House. Cross the fence then take a rough path by the fence back to Fell Foot. Finish back at the gate.


Checkpoint Grid Refs:

CP1 Path Junction near Fairsnape 1707ft top – GR.597472

CP2 Saddle Fell stile – GR.608470

CP3 Gate at south end of Saddle End farmyard – GR.614451


Rules of Engagement.

Times can be set  anytime but in Summer the Fell Foot Wednesday runs are preferred, both for safety and social reasons.

Times must be reported to the keeper of leagues (AW) within one day.

You must start from the gate next to Fell Foot Cottage.

You must pass through the gate at Blindhurst Saddle then;

At CP1 you must go around the small cairn.

At CP2 you must cross the stile.

At CP3 you must pass through the gate

(please be considerate when passing through Saddle End farm yard)

From CP3 you must keep to the Public Footpaths back to Wildcock House

At the finish you must touch the gate by Fell Foot Cottage.


Time categories:


See the Speed Leagues

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