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Column to Carwags Dash

Column to Carwags Dash (1mi – or just under) – A super-fast dash, almost all downhill (careful crossing the fell road).

Route Description

The route is simply a descent of the first ascent on the Figure of 8 route, from the Beacon Fell Trig Point to the Carwags car Park . Refer to the Fig of 8 flyer for more details.

§Start at the Beacon Fell Trig column. Go south to the ‘crossroads’ and turn left to descend, climb then descend through Tarn Wood to Black Tiger Wood multi-way junction (LM15 on Fig 8).
§Ignore all side turnings and go straight on with tiger’s head on your right, then take next right (soft mushy path) to the road. NB there are 4 wooden spars across the track between the tigers head and the turning.
§Cross the road (with care!) and pass through the gap in the stone wall into Loud Gate Wood (LM16 on Fig 8)
§Follow path running parallel with the road back to Carwags car park. Route finishes where gravel path reaches NW corner of car park.



Note 1: You must be on defined paths throughout. No off-piste shortcuts.


Note 2: When meeting (or being overtaken by) other runners, cyclists etc. you should keep LEFT, as you do when driving.


Rules of Engagement.

Times can be set  anytime but in Winter the  Carwags Tuesday night  runs are preferred, both for safety and social reasons.

Times must be reported to the keeper of leagues (AW) within one day.

You must start touching the Beacon Fell Trig Point.

You must finish at the edge of the tarmac where the path enters the Carwags car park.



Time categories:


See the Speed Leagues







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