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Figure of 8

Figure of 8 (4.2mi/660ft); The old favourite  – a tough little test if you run it fast enough.

Route Description

§Start in Carwags main car park. Route starts where gravel path leaves the NW corner of the car park.
§Follow path up through Loud Gate Wood (parallel with road) and reach a gap in a stone wall (LM1)
§Go straight across the Fell Road (watch out for traffic!) and follow a soft mushy path into Black Tiger Wood to a t-junction with a gravel track.
§Turn left to reach a multi-way junction (LM2) Note carved black tiger’s head just off the track to the left.
§Ignore turnings to right and left and go straight on uphill.
§Path (stony here) curves left then right. Ignore a junction on the left and continue up to Tarn Wood crossroads (LM3)
§Turn right to Fell Summit (trig point – LM4). Touch the trig, turn right and descend good path, keep right at junction part way down, towards Quarry Car Park.
§Pass through a gate with grid and descend a few steps to the tarmac car park (LM5) and turn left to narrow, gravel path though trees/bushes. Follow this ‘snicket’ to junction with the perimeter path.
§Turn left onto perimeter (Bleasdale Side) path also known as the ‘northern loop’. Follow this as it undulates across the north side of the fell.
§Ignore all junctions, and pass a carved wooden lizard on the left (LM6).
§The path eventually curves gently leftwards and enters Dewpond Wood. Look out for a sign post on the right at an indistinct crossroads (LM7).
§Turn left here (no off-piste shortcuts) to tackle the Dewpond Wood climb for the first time. Follow path steeply up to the Dew Pond (behind wooden fence on left).
§Follow path as it meanders right and left (can be tricky in mist) to eventually climb up to Tarn Wood crossroads (LM8).
§Go straight on to descend, climb then descend again through Tarn Wood to Black Tiger Wood. Ignore the first right turn and take the second (LM9) onto a very soft, boggy path. OR use the cyclists alternative (3rd turn, opposite Black Tiger’s Head) – now recommended (2012). NB you must choose one or the other. No combinations, no off-piste shortcuts.
§Follow either path as it undulates around to join Larch Avenue.
§Turn right and follow the tunnel of trees (LM10) up and over a brow to approach the Bowland Visitor Centre.
§Just before the Visitor Centre, when path turns to cobbles, veer off right across grass.
§Pass an old stone post (LM11) and big ugly stone head as you bypass the rear of the building and pick up path to Starling Wood.
§Just before the path reaches the Fell Road, a short gravel path on the right cuts through to the gravel Starling Wood car park (do not take the earlier uphill right turn, which is the perimeter path)
§Turn right, touch the wooden post at the car park entry and pass a metal barrier (LM12) to commence the full Dewpond Wood climb.
§Climb straight up past Dew Pond (LM13) – this is the second time through here.
§Follow the path as it meanders up to Tarn Wood crossroads (LM14) – this is the third visit to this crossroads
§Go straight on to descend, climb then descend through Tarn Wood to Black Tiger Wood multi-way junction (LM15).
§Ignore all side turnings and go straight on with tiger’s head on your right, then take next right (soft mushy path) to the road. NB there are 4 wooden spars across the track between the tigers head and the turning.
§Cross the road and pass through the gap in the stone wall into Loud Gate Wood (LM16)
§Follow path running parallel with the road back to Carwags car park. Route finishes where gravel path reaches NW corner of car park.

Note 1: Apart from the direct line across the grass at LM11, you must be on defined paths throughout. No off-piste shortcuts.


Note 2: When meeting (or being overtaken by) other runners, cyclists etc. you should keep LEFT, as you do when driving.

Rules of Engagement.

Times can be set  anytime but in Winter the  Carwags Tuesday night  runs are preferred, both for safety and social reasons.

Times must be reported to the keeper of leagues (AW) within one day.

You must start from the edge of the tarmac where  the path leaves the Carwags car park.

You must pass all the LMs in order.

You must finish at the edge of the tarmac where the path reaches the Carwags car park.


Time categories:


See the Speed Leagues

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