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Using the Blog

Just a few notes about how the Blog should be used.
The idea is that this is a sort of Newsletter more readily available than the web and meaning all can contribute/communicate without the need of a squillion emythers. It can contain all sorts of stuff, details of events current and not so,  pictures, reports, events to come, sales & wants, lifts needed etc.  As up to date and recent as you want and even includes Tweeting now too!
Anybody can read it by going to the Bowland website and  linking to the Blog. Anybody can comment on an existing post – but the comments have to be “approved” by an administrator  so that the Blog doesn’t get filled with rubbish (spam) or inappropriate comments.

If you want to create a new post, you will need to register – which you can do by clicking the Register link in the Meta section of the sidebar. You will be asked for a Username (please make it meaningful, so people have some idea who you are) and an email address, to which an initial password (which you can change) will be sent. You can then create new posts – but these will need to be approved as above.

When you post, you are also invited to put your post into one of the Categories (e.g. this post is in the General category) which is a way of linking together posts of a certain kind. Please do this, as it will be useful when the Blog gets bigger and more complex.

Some members of the club (usually committee (non!) members) will need to be able to write posts and post them straight away, and there is a special kind of user level for this called Author. If you think that you need this facility, please get in touch, email me direct and I can add you on, we now have a handful of users and this is proving to be working pretty well.

Hope this makes sense any probs let me know and I’ll get Lee to read the small print :-D


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